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Thank you again for visiting Strata Management Melbourne, where we are committed to providing quality Owners Corporation Management Services for your property.

Over the years we have raised the standard of property management in Melbourne. Using our knowledge, expertise and experience, we successfully manage hundreds of properties all around Melbourne. Our aim is to have 100% customer confidence and satisfaction that their properties are taken care of.

We provide all of our property owners with accurate, transparent and ethical collections and reporting.

With efficient customer services and our can-do attitude, our team provides a reliable service taking care of your property. We are not just raising the standards of Owners Corporation Management – we are setting the new standard. We are the industry leader when it comes to Owners Corporation Management in Melbourne.

We provide affordable and high-quality Strata Management Services for Melbourne property owners!

Our Happy Customers!

East Brighton Property Owner, Email Review

Everybody needs a “pat on the back” when they do a great job. We all needed you Isaac (OLD OC MANAGEMENT) years were so bad for us owners! You did more in 6 months Isaac, than what (OLD OC MANAGEMENT) did in 12 years!!! You are doing a fantastic job!

Elena Z – Highett, Email Review

I met Isaac when I bought my new home and in all my dealings with him, he has been a very professional Real Estate Agent and Body Corporate Manager. Any time I have had an issue, needed help or advice he was always willing and ready to help, and in every instance has taken swift action and achieved real results to solve problems. Every time I have called or needed him, he has been available and was always friendly, respectful and professional. Isaac is great at listening, providing the right advice and quickly resolving problems which is a testament to his extensive knowledge and experience.

East Brighton Property Owner, Email Review

Thank you for sorting out the issues with the birds – it’s been fantastic to have you managing the property and having things be attended to and followed up so promptly. Thank you so much for your kind email. I must say, it was absolutely lovely to receive and has made my day!! I really appreciate you taking the time to email me.

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Budget Strata Management Services is designed to provide property owners with the essential services required in accordance to Owners Corporation regulations.

Full Service

Most properties require active managers and we provide this through our Full Service Strata Management Service in Melbourne.


All new properties built in Melbourne require Owners Corporation to be created and is a part of regulations. We are proud to support all developers with any Owners Corporation needs. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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Alliance Strata Management Melbourne website is apart of Alliance OCM – Isaac Dubinsky. We provide Owners Corporation Management Services in Melbourne with a focus on customer service and quality. Contact Us today and for a no obligation free discussion on how we can help you with your property!

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